Home maintenance issues compromise the quality of your property. Roof leaks are one of them. If you don’t catch them timely, they can cause serious problems. The roof is a primary component of any building, and any damage to it can cause deterioration of your interior design. Weather forecasts and temperature changes cause the materials to get brittle and make brown stains on the ceiling. For instance, if a roof leaks and the moisture gets to the insulation, it can affect the home’s energy efficiency.

So, if you are tired of putting out a bucket to collect the water every time it rains, you need to read this article. This blog is about the common types of roof leaks and the tips to repair them. Let’s get into this.

Top 7 common types of roof leaks

According to research, 40% of building-related problems are due to water intrusions. The issues with your roof are not always easily apparent. You must do a visual examination to identify the nature of the damage. It’s significant to pinpoint the problem early on to avoid costly repairs. So, are you looking for the primary reasons for the roof issue? Here are the top common roof leaks that can affect your home’s quality.

Cracked Flashing

Flashings are the thin metal sheets installed on the roof joints and under shingles to provide water resistance. Tar is usually used to seal this protective layer. Due to the harsh weather conditions and heavy rainfalls, the flashing gets rusted over time, and its cohesive properties get lost. A small opening can cause a significant amount of water to find its way inside the home.

A roof leak can also occur at the base of the chimney that interconnects with the wall. In areas like Vancouver, where the summers are short, and the winters are long and cloudy, cracked flashings can create major passageways for water. So, the best strategy to stop the leak where the roof walls meet is to repair the old flashing with a new one.

Plumbing Vent Boots

You see a few pipes protruding from the roofs. These pipes play a significant role in eliminating the gases from the interior of your home to the outside. The vent boots provide a waterproof layer to prevent leaks. The cracked booting causes the water to find a way inside the house. But do you know what the reason for the cracked vent boots is?

The missing flashing or the decaying roof can be a cause of boot cracking. The best way to repair the vent boot is to install a rubber collar over the top of the cracked pipe booting.

Leaks Round Chimneys

One of the prevalent types of roof leaks is the discharge that takes place around chimneys. There could be many reasons for the leakage in the mortared areas of chimneys. The material corrodes with time of its own accord,  and the harsh weather conditions further intensify the situation. About 37% of homeowners suffer losses because of water damage.

For instance, the summers are muggy and wet in Richwood, which causes roof leaks. The best repair is to install a new flashing by digging up the saw kerf in the plaster area.

Broken Shingles

The shingles are the exterior layer of the roof that provides waterproof protection. You can spot the cracks in the shingles by locating different colored patches on various roof parts. The reason? The weather changes, high winds, storms, and heavy rainfalls are the main causes of broken shingles.

How to fix them? For this purpose, pull out the broken shingle and replace it with a new one.

Valleys are not Properly Sealed

Valleys refer to the sloping area formed as a result of the intersection of the adjacent roofs. When the water accumulates and freezes in the winter, valleys can develop roof leaks. Additionally, If the valleys are poorly installed, it can also be a cause of roof leaks. The heavy rainfall and ice may also affect the sealing of the valleys. Roof leaks in heavy rain are very common in Vancouver or Richmond, Canada. The weather forecast for these areas potentially influences these roof leaks.

So, if the valleys are not properly placed, the rainwater can easily seep through. For this purpose, you need to contact an experienced roofer for the right sealing and proper adjustments.


If the skylights are not properly installed, it leads to roof leakage. It is one of the most common forms of roof leaks. It may occur due to the flimsy sealing or improper adjustments by the contractor. Additionally, if there is prolonged heavy rainfall, a windy atmosphere, or heavy storms, the material used to seal the skylight gets worn out. That’s why getting assistance from an authentic roofing contractor in Vancouver is mandatory.

To fix the skylight, you need to seal the skylight properly to avoid roof leaks in heavy rain. Also, make sure that your roof’s skylight is properly installed.


Dormers are the gaps within your home’s roofs. They are a source of common roof leaks. If the flashing is not installed properly in the dormers, roof leaks may occur that let water in at an entry point into the home. If the caulk is missing or gets old, it allows the rainwater to drip down the roof.

To fix these tile roof leaks in heavy rain, you need to contact a professional to inspect the damaged area. They will replace the caulk with a better quality that provides efficient sealing.