6 Vital Benefits of Skylights for your Roof

Skylights are a great way to allow natural light into your home. Roof skylights are essentially windows that are installed directly on the roof. This allows them to capture more sunlight than normal windows, which means that you get higher levels of natural light and make your home more environmentally friendly. Due to such benefits of skylights, their market is expected to grow considerably between 2022-28.

These are available in a multitude of sizes and shapes, so it is easy to find one that fits the style of your roof. In this article, we’ll discuss the multiple benefits of skylights for your home, from their aesthetic appeal to their energy efficiency.

So, let’s get straight into the top benefits of skylights;

Increased Natural Light

Natural light is not just better for your health, but it also enhances your house’s inner appeal.

Skylights maximize the sun’s free energy, so you won’t have to rely as much on artificial lighting during the day. And since natural light is so much easier on the eyes than artificial lighting, it can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Improved Ventilation

Skylights also provide excellent ventilation since they are typically positioned higher up than other windows in your home. This benefit of skylights helps get rid of stuffy air while drawing fresh air indoors, so you’ll be able to breathe easier. Plus, having open windows at each level of your home makes it easier for cool breezes to reach all areas of your house—without having to constantly turn up the air conditioning or heater.

Promoting Good health and Mood

One of the benefits of skylights is their positive effect on health and mood. The people who work in offices with skylights have lower levels of stress and anxiety, and they are also reported to be more productive. If you want to boost your overall well-being, consider installing a skylight in your home or office.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Skylights are also great for aesthetic reasons, providing a beautiful view of the outdoors from within the home. It also builds a sense of connection with nature—even if it’s just from looking up at the stars from your rooftop. Some roof lights are installed primarily for decorative purposes.

Saving on Energy Costs 

The benefits of Skylights for your roof include reductions in energy costs. Skylights are a great way to save on your bills, both in terms of electric and heating costs. They can be incredibly energy efficient, with modern models designed to keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter.

By allowing natural light to enter your home, you can also reduce your dependence on artificial lighting.

Increased Property Value

Adding skylights to your roof might be one of the best investments you can make. They’re not just great for enjoying natural light and stargazing—they also increase your property value. It’s no surprise that people are willing to pay more for buildings with increased comfort and efficiency, making a skylight an excellent investment for homeowners.

Types of Skylights

It’s no secret that there’re plenty of benefits of skylights for your roof — but you might be wondering about the different kinds of skylights available. Here’re some of the most common types:

Fixed skylight

This type of skylight is stationary and cannot be opened or closed. It provides natural light and can add visual interest to a room, but it does not provide ventilation.

Ventilating skylight

Ventilating skylights can be opened and closed to provide ventilation in addition to natural light. Some ventilating skylights are operated manually, while others can be controlled electronically.

Tubular skylight

A tubular skylight is a smaller skylight that is ideal for small spaces or areas where a traditional skylight would not fit. It is typically a tube-shaped device that funnels sunlight into a room using a reflective material.

Pyramid skylight

A pyramid skylight is a type of fixed skylight that is shaped like a pyramid. It is a popular choice for commercial buildings and modern homes due to its unique appearance and ability to provide natural light.

pyramid skylight

Domed skylight

A domed skylight has a curved or domed shape. These skylights have been successfully used outdoors for many years without showing signs of fading, haze, or strength loss.

domes skylight

Custom skylight

When the roof conditions prevent any typical sort of skylights, these kinds of skylights are preferred. These skylights are customized according to the client’s preferences. It enhances the beauty of the building.

How to do flat Roof Skylight Installation?

After reading amazing benefits of skylights, you might be wondering how to carry out flat roof skylight installation;

  1. Make sure there is enough structural support for a skylight on your roof. You’ll need to consult the best roofing contractor to make sure that any additional weight from the skylight won’t compromise the structural integrity of your home or building.
  2. Once you’ve determined that you have enough structural support, choose which type of skylight you would like to install. According to a study, roof ceiling depth is an important consideration when assessing skylight performance and shouldn’t be left out of a simulation model.
  3. Measure out where you want your skylight installed and make pilot holes in the roof using a drill and impact driver.
  4. Install the flange around each side of the opening and use a caulking gun to apply a sealant as needed before placing screws into each corner of the flange.
  5. Place flashing over each side of the opening before installing insulation around it. Then lay down asphalt shingles around the flashing to cover any remaining screws and gaps between insulation or flashing material sections.
  6. Finish up by attaching the trim piece and its frame parts onto each side of your skylight, ensuring all screws are tightened properly.

Now, you can enjoy all skylight benefits in your home or office environment!


There are a lot of benefits of skylights for homeowners. Not only do they provide much-needed natural light, but they also bring in the fresh air, save energy, and can make your home look great. Skylight installation is challenging, so always consult a reliable roofing company in Metro Vancouver today.