Whether you are constructing a home or revamping an existing one, you must have come across different types of roofing. As the roof is the top covering of your home and protects it from all climatic changes, it’s essential to have proper knowledge about its types. Moreover, the roofing you select and its construction material also affect the aesthetic nature of your home and give you a better idea about the care it needs. Hence, having proper knowledge about all the common roof types becomes mandatory. So, to help you in this regard, we have discussed the top roof types and their working. Let’s discuss this further!

Most Common Roof Types

Now, we will discuss the most common roof type to help you understand which one suits your home better!

1.     Flat Roof

When you hear about flat roofs, industrial complexes, or strip malls, these are the things that must have come to your mind. However, the time when flat roofs were only limited to fancy commercial buildings has long gone. Now, people prefer homes with a flat roof because of the unique look it gives to your home and provides large open floors.

Typically, flat roof types aren’t completely flat and have a little incline or slope that helps with water drainage. However, for anyone looking from below, the slope isn’t visible, and the roof seems completely flat. These types of roofs are perfect for contemporary or solar homes! Here are the advantages of a flat roof:

  • Are energy-efficient so that you can save on your energy bills
  • Ideal for HVAC or solar installation
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable

2.     Gable Roof

Gable roof is among the most common roof types and immediately comes to everyone’s mind when they think of roofing. You see those triangular roofs when you ask a child to draw a home. A tabletop roof looks like a triangle, with the best resting at the top of your home and a side meeting the ridge. These roofs work well with newly constructed homes and are very easy to build. Let’s look at the top pros of gable roofs to help you understand why you should give this roof type a thought:

  • Gives a timeless look
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Perfect for water and snow drainage
  • Offers better ventilation

3.     Gambrel Roof

For anyone looking for the best roof option for their small home or a farmhouse, a gambrel roof is perfect. These are most commonly used on barns and add to their already unique shape. It has a pentagon-like shape, which makes it different from other common roof types.

Typically, there are four surfaces to a gambrel roof, such as a slightly low-pitched slope at the top, which later bends down in two different panels that go all the way to the side of the house. Moreover, these roofs offer a wide area as the pitch is relatively low and is not steep on the edges. Below are the advantages of a gambrel roof that make it more compelling for many:

  • Provides additional storage space
  • Gives unique historical vibes
  • Offers space for an extra floor

4.     Shed Roof

The shed roof is the choice of those who want a modern home! They are quite similar to flat roofs; however, their slope or incline is higher than in flat roofs. Having these roofs provides you with multiple window placement opportunities and helps you get rid of the leak issues that come with a totally flat roof.

In the past, shed roofs were only used on porches and other places, but not anymore. Nowadays, homeowners prefer having an entire shed roof to make their homes look more stylish and unique. Let’s discuss the top advantages of a shed roof:

  • Affordable – few materials needed for construction
  • Good choice for additions to your home
  • Prevents water pooling
  • Easier to build

5.     Hip Roof

The next one among the common roof types is the hip roof, which resembles a gable roof, but there’s a key exception. The gable is triangular, while the hip roof has its ends clipped off the side. Typically, a hip roof has four slopes that meet to form a ridge. The roof has steep edges to allow proper water drainage and cleaning, but still, the edges look neat and modern.

Moreover, the hip roof isn’t as visible as a gable roof, but most of your roof’s surface will still be visible. Thus, it’s essential to pick a good roofing color and material that help your home stand out among others. Let’s quickly glance at the benefits of a hip roof:

  • Stable than gable roofs
  • Has self-bracing capability
  • Offers high-wind performance

6.     Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs originated from French architecture, but they gained massive popularity among Americans who wanted additional attic space. It’s among the top common roof types and has four sides. These sides can be straight or curved to make a unique design. Moreover, there’s an additional slope and another four-sided, small roof-like structure on the top. Generally, these roofs are very heavy and maximize the attic space.

With a mansard roof, you can add multiple windows in the upper portion and make the home more appealing by adding dormers. The perfect example of a mansard roof is the Louvre Museum in Paris. However, before opting for mansard roofs, remember they aren’t modern looking and give your home an antique touch. Here are the top benefits of a mansard roof you should know to understand whether it’s a suitable choice for your home or not:

  • Adds an aesthetic flare to your home
  • It provides excellent attic space
  • Offers better heat and light distribution in your home