9 Common Roofing Problems Homeowners Face And How To Fix Them 

It is inevitable for a roof not to wear and tear over time, especially given the weather conditions in Canada. But the good news is, if you remain vigilant about these common roofing problems, timely repair or replacement could save you a lot of damage and money.

In this read, we have discussed the roofing problems you may face as a homeowner and the short- and long-term solutions to overcome them.

Roof Leaks 

Most of us have experienced a roof leaks crisis once in our lives, and needless to say, it can be a real home wrecker. They can be caused by several reasons, including cracks in the roof, extreme weather conditions, shingle damage, etc. According to recently found statistical data, 40% of all building issues are due to water leaks inside the house.

While roof leaks aren’t that big of an issue itself, the laborious part is to identify the source of the issue and fix that instead of using a temporary stand-in. Depending on the budget you have, an appropriate sealant or roofing cement could do just the right trick. But always ensure to resolve this issue at the earliest as the more you delay, the more damage it will cause.

Stagnant Water

Although this isn’t a short-run issue, it can turn into a long-term costly roofing problem if left unattended. If the roof doesn’t have a drainage system or it has begun to sink and create space for stagnant water, it may lead to problems like algae, rotting, and even structural damage in the house.

A cost-effective solution would be to add insulation and repeatedly flush existing drains. On the other hand, fixing low spots on the roof is the best long-term treatment if your budget allows it.

Improper Installation 

Improper installations can be hard to pick on, especially for a non-specialist. Nonetheless, they play a principal role in keeping the roof standing through thick and thin. A few reasons this may have been the case include incorrect placement of nails, poor craftsmanship by the service providers, and the usage of low-quality products, i.e., flashing, shingles, etc.

A sign that your roof is improperly installed is if it doesn’t age in an invariable fashion. Some parts may wear off already (after being recently installed), while others are still intact. In case you find worrisome indications, don’t delay ringing a trustworthy roofing service.

Snow Load 

It’s all fun and games until the snow accumulates on the roof. Given the extreme weather conditions for most of the year, heavy snowing is one of the leading causes of roof damage. The weight of snow over an extensive period puts a strain on the structure of the roof altogether, ultimately leading to weakness.

common roofing problems

The best alternative to deal with this is to either not let the snow pile up or ensure that the structure of the house can withstand the pilling-up pressure. Ensure that your drainage can bring down the water once the weather has become normal.

Damaged Shingles 

Damaged shingles aren’t that big of a deal on their own, but the impact they can create is extremely pressing. And here’s the worst part: excessive heat (sun exposure), heavy storms, and even an extensive lifespan can easily damage shingles.

A damaged shingle should be dealt with as soon as found. However, ensure you’re not replacing a shingle that could easily be repaired. It’s not just heavy on the pockets, but the process will also be more demanding in nature. An experienced roofing contractor in Vancouver can help you get over it with ease.

damaged shingles

Ventilation Problem 

Ventilation problems hover somewhere on the top of the list when discussing common roofing problems, but surprisingly they’re also the easiest to fix. If the ventilation in a house is improper, it can lead to excessive moisture. And this very culprit (moisture) is single-handedly responsible for the downfall of features like structural damage, ice dams, and shingle worsening.

To fix this issue, we would advise you to a certified roofing contractor in Vancouver and ask them to analyze your ventilation environment. As per the advice, you can take the necessary action. In most cases, there may be a need for the installation of vents.

Clogged Gutters 

Clogged gutters can be damaging to your attic the same way that stagnant water can. The longer that a gutter is clogged, the more water backup it can lead to. A sign that the clogged gutter needs cleaning is having leaks in the roof.

Cleaning and maintaining the drainage system regularly can be a hassle, but thank God for screens that can be installed as a preventative measure. However, if you already find yourself stuck in an unpleasant situation, a plumbing snake would be your best mate!

roofing problems gutters

Roof Flashing Problems 

As a homeowner, you must know that flashing is of utmost importance. It is a material installed on roof penetrations like chimneys and vents to prevent water from seeping. However, like everything else, flashing has a lifespan as well. Over an extended time, its effectiveness can be compromised.

Unfortunately, most factors that cause flashing deterioration can not be avoided, but as soon as you find problematic flashing, don’t delay in getting it fixed. If you’re lucky and find the problem on time, it most likely won’t need replacement, only proper repair.

flashing roofing problem

Lack Of Proper Maintenance 

Last but not least, the significance of proper maintenance can not be denied. If your house has been locked up for ages without proper roof inspection, it is almost inevitable for roofing problems not to occur.

And the cost of proper maintenance is lesser than the overall cost of repairing. The best way to go about this is to hire a roofing service in Vancouver and get a detailed report of everything that requires maintenance.

Final Thoughts 

Roofing problems are unavoidable over time, so don’t let them get you under the weather. A little repairing here and there can go a long way. Make sure you stay on the lookout for any problematic signs and attend to them as soon as possible.

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