3 Most Popular Residential Roofing Systems in Vancouver

Asphalt shingle is the most popular choice amongst residential homeowners as it is an economical option that, on average lasts about 15 to 20 years. It depends on a few important factors such as installation, quality of the product, location of the property, etc.  If there is an increased number of trees in the surrounding area, eventually the moss will start to grow. It will result in the requirement of more maintenance to remove the moss.

This process is costly and can cause granules loss as well. Eventually, at some point, the fiberglass reinforcement of the shingle will be exposed to the UV rays and will leak and damage the roof system massively. There are many options available that include different thicknesses, shapes, etc. There are different varieties and an increasing number of manufacturers easily available in the market today.


It makes it a difficult choice for the homeowners to decide what type and design of the shingle roof they should go for their roofing project. Asphalt shingles can serve as the ideal choice for homeowners, having a limited budget, or not planning to live in that property for an extensive period of time. Even if they are planning to sell that home, Asphalt shingles can be a perfect choice.


One thing that can help you distinguish between the manufacturing pattern of the Shingles is that some of the shingles are made using Oxidized Asphalt, while an amplified number of other manufacturers use a blend of Shingle and SBS polymer to modify the Asphalt Shingles.

Metal roof, though a little expensive is extremely long-lasting. If you are looking for a cost-effective option that can save you plenty of bucks by staying intact, then a Metal roof is your best option. If it is installed appropriately, it can easily outlast 2 to 3 shingle roofs, and on the whole, it can last up to five to six decades easily. There are different varieties of Metal Roofs easily available in a myriad of different colors and shapes.


Interlocking Roof Panel and Standing Seam are some of the most popular ones. Some of the most outstanding properties of Metal Roof include the need for a little maintenance, energy efficiency, light weightiness, durability, and cost-effectiveness. These roofs are non-combustible and are available in many different eye-catching designs and shapes.


Because of their durability, they can withstand even the wildest of storms, hailing seasons, and extreme sunny days. In short, if you are looking for a simple, longstanding, cost-effective, and outstanding roofing option, then this is the right pick for you!


Clay tile roofs are pretty popular in Vancouver BC owing to their outstanding properties and best qualities. Clay tiles are extremely durable, reliable, and to top that, they are readily available in many beautiful designs. Some of the most used designs include, curved, flat, fluted, and interlocking as well as Traditional Terracotta, Slate Tile, etc. are some of the most popular styles. Some of the Clay tile roofs are equipped with waterproof coatings and can easily last up to a century.


Owing to their climatic tolerance, they can easily be used for residential buildings located in hot areas and those who have extreme exposure to salt air. As Vancouver BC faces massive stormy rains every year, Clay tile Roofs can actually be the right roofing choice here. Clay tile roofs are not only durable, long-lasting and are also not prone to decay or rot with time.


They are eco-friendly and recyclable and require very little maintenance. Just a few things that might sound a little intimidating are, the price and weight. These Clay Tile Roofs are pretty expensive and are quite bulky and heavy. But that justifies the level of overall flawlessness and protection they ensure!


Written by:

Max Kniter
Owner, Mr. Max Roofing Ltd.