What Are Skylights?

Bright daylight and fresh air from skylights can enhance any home or business. Skylights come in a variety of styles and sizes to suit almost any building so you can enjoy the benefits of a  brighter space, and more energy-efficient home or commercial space.

Benefits Of Skylights

Skylights add a sophisticated design to residential and commercial properties. Not only are they aesthetically impressive, but skylights also make space appear larger and provide energy savings – utilizing natural sunlight to warm up your residence or commercial property, resulting in saving money and energy. Installing skylights also increases the value of your property.

Benefits Of Skylights:

  • Impressive design element

  • Increases daylight brightness

  • Boosts property value

  • Space will appear larger

  • Utilizes the sun to warm up any space, saving money

You Are In Good Hands: Our Specialists Quickly & Seamlessly Instal Residential & Commercial Skylights 

As a roofing company, we handle everything related to residential and commercial roofing – including skylights! Whether you need highly effective and efficient skylight repairs or new skylights installed with the latest technology the market has to offer, Mr. Max Roofing specialists will provide you with a comprehensive on-site inspection to determine the best options available to you that will last for years to come.

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Our skylight specialists are happy to lend their expertise and help you decide on which skylight styles and models work best for your home or business. We will evaluate your property’s daylight needs to determine where they should be installed and which models are the best option to maximize natural light and fresh air that skylights can provide. Contact us anytime by calling 604-379-1742 or email us and one of our team specialists will be happy to assist!

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