Solar Panel Solutions

Supplying your residence or business with solar panels is now the most cost-effective form of energy. If you would like to save money on energy bills, installing solar panels on your roof is a  smart, sustainable solution. Go green and reduce your reliance on traditional power plants that use fossil fuels to create electricity — meaning these power plants use generators that run on gas, coal, and sometimes nuclear power in order to produce electricity. By installing sustainable
solar panels, you are significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

Reasons To Install Solar Roofing

  • Low maintenance
    Solar panels are extremely low maintenance and have a typical lifespan of 15-25 years

  • Environmentally Friendly
    Solar energy is a renewable source, which does not deplete the earth’s resources

  • Cost-effective
    Reduce the operating costs of your business and home electricity bills

  • Increases value of your property
    Solar panels can increase your property’s value and help your building sell faster

  • You Control the Costs
    Depending on your budget and how much renewable energy you wish to use, the size of solar  the system is entirely up to you

What Is a Grid-Tied Solar PV System? 

The grid-tied solar PV system generates power to a home or business by remaining connected to the electrical grid, unlike the alternative solar system called an off-grid solar system, which is entirely independent from the grid. The grid-tied solar PV system is currently the most popular type of solar power system available today and is designed to produce more power than a home or business utilizes during the day.

More cost-effective than the off-grid solar system, a grid-tied solar PV  system does not require batteries or any other costly equipment, making it a preferred solution.

 What You Need to Know About Installing Grid-Tied Solar PV Systems 

In BC, a 1kW solar PV array requires roughly 100 square feet of south-facing free space.  Before you decide to install a grid-tied solar PV system for your home or business, it is essential to have a roof in excellent condition. If your roof requires repair, it is recommended that repairs be completed before the installation process, as the installation of roof-mounted systems and fragile glass solar panels are required.

Any grid-tied systems require complex electrical connections and must be approved by  BC Hydro. Therefore, a professional solar PV system installer that specializes in this area is highly recommended. Experts will ensure that all required permits are obtained, and all safety measures are in place before your system is energized.

You Can Count on Mr. Max Roofing for Your Grid-Tied Solar PV System Needs

At Mr. Max Roofing, our specialists can help with this process! We will thoroughly assess your roof and space required to ensure there is no damage and help you estimate your home or business’s solar potential – making sure that there is no damage to your property’s existing weatherproofing during installation.

* Please note that because solar technology and equipment are continuously evolving,  the information available online is about 2 years behind new state-of-the-art technology — meaning that the grid-tied solar PV system’s overall cost and pay off time is 15 to 25%  less now.

We Pride Ourselves On Our Attention To Detail

Every solar panel project is unique. When you choose Mr. Max Roofing, you can feel comfortable knowing that we will take care of all the meticulous details to ensure appealing aesthetics and complimentary design.

Our solar panel roofing experts are experienced and trained to provide you with the best possible results — guaranteeing the maximum return on your investment. Call us at 604-379-1742 or fill the form below!

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