Why Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is an effective way to protect your home or business from extreme weather and any other outside elements that could negatively affect your property. The wall cladding process involves the layering of materials, one on top of the other — creating a material wall that prevents walls from being damaged from water leaks, which in turn could damage the inside of a property’s structure.  Materials used for wall cladding vary and can include brick, wood, imitation stone, metal plastic, and metal, usually made from either aluminum or galvanized steel.

The Benefits of Wall Cladding

Choosing to add exterior wall cladding will protect your property while requiring little to no maintenance. The most common material used for cladding is durable aluminum,  which is long-lasting – protecting your home or business for years to come.

You Can Count On Mr. Max Roofing for Your Next Wall Cladding Project

When it comes to your metal wall cladding needs, Mr. Max Roofing has your back. We are one of the leading providers of metal wall cladding services for clients in the GVRD  and Fraser Valley and looking forward to working with you on your next project!