Waterproofing Solutions

Mr. Max Roofing does more than provide roofing services – we also provide effective waterproofing services for residential and commercial properties. Waterproofing a property’s foundation exterior helps prevent rain from damaging a residential or commercial structure. Whether your building is currently under construction or requires a roof replacement, our highly experienced and qualified team specialists will break down the steps required to get the waterproofing project completed on time and within your budget requirements.

Why Does A Building Require Waterproofing

A building will require waterproofing because concrete is not watertight due to its porous nature. The process of waterproofing involves additives (membranes) where an application of one or more layers of the membrane may include bitumen, urethane, PVC, silicate, EPDM. These materials act as a barrier between the water and the building’s structure, preventing the absorption  of water. Our specialists know the most effective methods and materials necessary to ensure a
the building is waterproof and protected from moisture — preventing future damage.

Traffic Membranes

Polyurethane or traffic membranes are commonly applied to concrete, metal substrates or wood in order to waterproof surfaces that are highly exposed to the elements – specifically, foot and vehicle traffic. Traffic membranes are applied to surfaces such as balconies, stairs and parkades. Applying traffic membrane coatings to your existing structures will extend the life of your building, protect against water damage, deterioration from moisture, and reduces maintenance costs over time

Types of Traffic Membrane Treatments:

Pedestrian Traffic Membrane Coatings Surfaces that handle high levels of pedestrian traffic will wear over time. In order to prevent deterioration, these types of concrete surfaces require a durable, seamless,  long-lasting solution that will withstand the day-to-day elements. Durable pedestrian traffic membrane coatings are applied to protect these areas from moisture intrusion.

Vehicular Traffic Membrane Coatings

Similar to pedestrian traffic coatings, vehicle traffic membrane coatings are designed to service high-traffic areas such as parking garages, ramps and arenas.

Below Grade Waterproofing

Below grade, waterproofing is the practice of applying coatings and membranes to the foundation walls of a building below ground level. If you have a basement or belowground deck, you should consider below-grade waterproofing. As you may already know, basements are highly vulnerable to moisture and/or flooding.

Types of Below Grade Waterproofing:

Positive side waterproofing

• Applied to the exterior of all buildings, and requires access to the outside of buildings, if possible. Positive side waterproofing is preferable, as any defects in
the waterproofing membrane is easier to catch than the alternative waterproofing methods below.

Negative side waterproofing
• Applied to the inner surfaces of buildings when positive side waterproofing is not possible. Negative side waterproofing is not always the best solution, as the structure where the application is being applied may move or crack over time.

Blind side waterproofing
• Applied to the underside of structural slabs and only occurs when there are property line issues or limitations as to where the coating can be applied.

Hot Rubber Membrane
The hot rubber membrane process eliminates seams, which reduces the risk of leaks on  roofs or decks and also provides a more aesthetically pleasing look to a surface. Hot rubberized membranes are designed to provide effective waterproofing for large surfaces.

Damp Proofing

What is the Difference Between Damp Proofing and Waterproofing?

  • Foundation walls

  • Balcony decks

  • Roof terraces

  • Parkade decks

  • Mechanical room floors

  • Pedestrian concourses

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If you notice water seeping through your concrete roof, patio, or foundation walls,  waterproofing can solve these issues and prevent any future damage that can get costly.

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