How can you extend the life of your roof?

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In this post, Max Roofing shares some tips to help you extend the life span of your roofing. FIX ANY ISSUES IMMEDIATELY Don’t delay roof repairs for a minor issue that won’t get worse. Oftentimes, you can fix the problem without replacing your roof or spending a lot of money. But if you leave repair

Roofing Company Richmond

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Roofing Company Richmond   We are happy to announce that Max Roofing is now serving the city of Richmond with a variety of roofing services, such as roof repair, roof replacement, and roof maintenance, as well as 24/7 emergency roof leak repairs to residential, commercial, and multifamily strata complexes.   The complexities of roof repairs

Roofing Company Vancouver

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Roofing Company Vancouver     Max Roofing specializes in roof repairs, roof maintenance, and new roof installation for residential and commercial building owners or multifamily strata complexes. We are proud to provide roofing services in Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, and surrounding areas. Because of Vancouver’s significant annual rainfall, many residential homeowners experience common problems, such

What Does It Take to Install a Good Quality Asphalt Shingle Roof?

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Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation Process First things first: you’ll want to start with a complete removal of existing roof systems. Many roofing companies offer to install a new roof over the existing structure. The problem with that is sometimes we can’t inspect the rotten plywood or OSB underneath, or we can’t see

Commercial Flat Roofing Options

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Commercial Flat Roofing Options   What kind of commercial low-slope or flat roofing membranes are available on the market in Vancouver, British Columbia?   There is a range of flat roofing membranes available in Vancouver for both residential and commercial applications. The most common membranes installed on commercial and industrial roofs are single ply, such

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